Golden Rose Contour Powder Kit


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Step 1: Shading – Contour (Under the cheekbones. Sides of the nose)

Use a brush to apply the dark powder to the sides of the nose and the hollows that form under the cheeks. To find them, suck your cheeks!!! You can also apply it to the contour of the jaw, the chin and the contours of the face (at the ends of the hair).

Step 2: Bronzer (Above contour and cheekbones)

Use a brush and lightly dust the bronzing powder over the shadow contour you have already applied to the cheekbones. You can also apply the bronzing powder on your nose, chin and forehead to give your skin a healthy look.

Step 3: Shine (Center of forehead. From tip to tip of nose i.e. bridge and center of chin)

Apply the light powder to the center of the forehead, from the top tip of the nose to the bottom, to the center of your chin. You can also spread it on the tops of the cheekbones.

Dermatologically Tested, paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free, does not clog pores.


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